Why Enqueue?


Keep your site live

Avoid outage from sudden traffic spikes with a top-of-the-line queueing algorithm, keeping your service intact and ready to sell.


Control traffic

With an easy-to-use virtual waiting room solution. You steer the flow speed and customise your queue to satisfy your brand needs.


Maximize customer engagement

With a branded, transparent and fair queueing system. First in and first out, without line skipping and social media outrage.


Flexible plug-and-play solution

Register for free and get ready to use Enqueue. Check out our plans that can help your traffic control needs.


How it works

Enqueue guarantees your site’s reliability 24/7, even with extreme traffic conditions.

Control website traffic

Enqueue guarantees you receive only the amount of users you are able to manage on your site, protecting your service, customer experience and maximizing conversion.


Queue Visitors

When you reach the maximum number of allowed users, Enqueue re-routes incoming users into a virtual waiting room, where they are allowed to enter the site based on your queue configuration.


Fair Queueing and Optimal Experience

Transform your online queue into a brand-guided experience opportunity, promoting further affiliation from customers while maintaining a fair wait-in-line process.



Virtual Queue

Create and configure your virtual queues for your site


API Integration

Integrate your platform with our API solution through our documentation.


Keep Your Ticket

Customers that take a ticket from a queue and then leave the queue may come back and use the same ticket instead of waiting back in line.


Skip The Line Link

Provide a unique and secure bypass link to skip the line and review your landing page when the queue is active.


User Management

Create users in Enqueue who will manage queues and keep your team in the loop.



Receive custom notifications for queue status and summaries.


Flow Speed

Steer the wheel and control the flow of users per minute that are allowed to enter your site.


Queue Protection

Secure your queue avoiding line skipping and bot malfeasance.


24h SLA

Receive 24 hour daily support service for any issue you have with the platform.


Queue Tickets

Every plan has a maximum number of tickets that are part of the plan. Every extra ticket has and additional charge.

Technical Highlights

Infrastructure integration

Enqueue integrates in the heart of your infrastructure regardless of the language or framework you use.

When scaling and engineering your site gets too expensive

Maintaining servers and scaling manually is expensive and can cause unwanted mistakes. We offer a solution that will act as a security blanket for sudden traffic spikes, saving you money and headaches by keeping your services online.

Use Cases


Concerts and Festivals

By making the waiting room available before enabling the ticket sales, Enqueue offers a transparent and brand-driven experience for the proven fan. In the midst of a great hype, your site must be able to handle traffic, providing customers with a fair experience before tickets go to second-hand selling sites.


Sudden popularity

In this day and age, any content has the potential to unexpectedly become a world-wide sensation, and your site must be prepared to offer a reliable service. The customer’s experience with your brand must be consistently positive for returning customers as well as newcomers.


Shopping Holidays

Avoid customer churn in highly competitive shopping days such as Black Fridays or Cyber Days with a secure and engaged queue system.


Product Launches

Your site must be able to keep up with the buzz of new product lines or limited-edition collectibles. Guarantee a steady shopping experience with Enqueue, avoiding a flop and subsequent social media outrage.

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